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Instructions for Assessment

Please note that you would require Questionmark Secure Browser installed on your PC / Laptop before taking this Assessment. Questionmark Secure Browser is WST Compliant.

Please note that the ViewLet Builder Application (javaw.exe) should be terminated before starting the secure browser.

System requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
At least 5Mb of free disk space, though only around 1Mb or less is needed permanently.
Supported browsers: IE 7/8/9,Mozilla Firefox 3.6.21 or above/4.x/5.x
In case you do not have the correct version of IE please click on the link given below to update the same

Starting your Assessment
  • You can start taking the assessments by clicking on the Start Assessment Tab on the bottom of this screen
  • Type your given username and password and click Enter. (The username and password are case sensitive)
  • Click on the online assessment you want to complete
  • Note: Please note that you would not be able to access any other application on your PC once you start the Assessment using Questionmark Secure Browser. You would be able to access other applications only once you have completed the Assessment.
  • Hence it will ask to close all other applications apart from your web browser. Click OK.
  • After clicking OK you can start taking the Exams.
  • The Secure browser will take few minutes to load the Assessment.

I hereby confirm that I have completed my training course.
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